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Updated May 7, 2020

As of March 23, 2020 All Club Activities are Postponed for the Foreseeable Future.

Please keep safe and check back here as the situation changes for updates.

MGA Roadster, Large Selection of MGA Parts and Tools Sale.

One of our first members, Steve Edelstein, is losing his rented garage and must downsize his hobby.  Click on button to see pictures and contact information

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First 2020 Newsletter Now Available 

Click on the link above and log in to read all of the club news hot off the presses.  Steve has put together another attractive newsletter to keep us all informed.  Check it out now!!


2020 Membership Renewal

Keep your membership benefits coming by taking 3 minutes to renew your membership.  The best way to do that is on our website, still the best bargain in town at only $20. You can’t beat it.  For 2020, we would like all to send a picture for the directory to vp@enymga.org.  This can be of yourself, you and your spouse (preferred if appropriate) or you/spouse/car.  Be sure to let us know what cars you own, what clubs you are in and what talents you have to share with our club.

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Recently Uncovered was a link to a show that has a short segment with our late past president, Jon Rubel.  We all miss Jon and it is fun seeing him in the video.  Jon appears at the 20:24 mark.  To watch click View Video

Don’t Be Shy!  See Your Car Featured on this Page

Send me (vp@enymga.org) a good, reasonable resolution (1 to 2 meg) picture of your car and if selected  we will feature it for a month or so on the top of this page.  Send todhttp://enymga.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=27255&action=edit#ay and see your car be a star.

Next Event?

Your Club officers are always looking for what you would like the club to do next.  Fall Foliage Run for example?  Go to the contacts page (link at right of this page) and contact the officers with your suggestion(s).

The Eastern New York Regalia Store is now OPEN for business.

Click the Regalia Button on the top of any page to begin shopping at our store! Flat rate shipping applies so the more you buy the more you save.  Try it today and check back in the future for new items



ENYMGA and NJTR Joint Holiday Luncheon

On Sunday November 17th The Spanish Tavern hosted a grand event for all


Click to View More Pictures of the Event


Seat Upholstery Session Well Attended

August 17 session was informative.  MGA, Triumph and Jaguar seats were discussed and samples shown.  The lunch was good as well!

View Tech Session


Directory of Members Now Available

In the password protected part of the Membership Section of this website,  the directory of members is now available.  This is STRICTLY for the non-commercial use of our members to foster the exchange of ideas and help members communicate with one another.  No other use will be allowed.  If you would like to have a picture of your car as part of the directory please send a photo to VP@ENYMGA.ORG.

2019 Fish n’ Chips & Ice Cream Run — Held June 29th

The Fish and Chips lunch was good but we all needed that Ice Cream to cool down that hot June afternoon.  The rain gave us a break, holding off till late in the day.  Hit the button to see pictures of the event

Event Pictures

May 18 High Point Drive is a Driving High Point of the 2019 Season. 

Hit the button to see pictures of the group fun


Carburetor Rebuild Session Well Attended

ENYMGA President Nick O’Donohoe gave a large group of members and guests a very informative workshop on the disassembly and reassembly of SU Carburetors of the type found on MGA’s.  This February 9th session, held in Pleasantville NY drew a crowd of enthusiasts who were also treated to lunch coffee, soda and snacks.  See the “Past Events” page for additional photos.

Engine Removal and Reinstall Workshops Held

MGA Roadster Engine/Transmission Removal with Transmission Tear Down was Held August 11

Eric Marko hosted a tech session lead by Nick O’Donohoe, Club President

Click below for pictures of this well attended event

 MGA Roadster Engine/Transmission Re-Install Session was held Friday September 7 at the Home of Eric Marko.

This is the logical follow up to the Engine Removal tech session.  Hit the button below to see pictures of the day

Holiday Luncheon and Fall Run 2018 Held

Both the Fall Run and Holiday Luncheon were an excellent time for all the attendees.  The Fall Run attendees were treated to great weather, an interesting hike and good food.  The Holiday Luncheon was great food, good company and prizes!  Pictures for both events can be found on the Past Events page.

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Through generous donations we have various special MG, LUCAS, SMITHS, SU and BMC manuals available in the Members Resource section of the website Check it out.  If you have materials (pdf preferred but most formats can be accommodated) that you think would be of interest to other members please contact any of the officers listed on the contacts page.



We educate and serve the entire MG community.
In addition to MGAs we welcome the earliest MGs through MGCs, Midgets and Magnettes.
Our members live throughout the Tri-State Area.
We are open to everyone with an interest in British cars.
MG ownership not required!