Past Events

SU Carburetor Rebuilding Workshop

Photos by Bob Polastre

February 9, 2019 gathering of the faithful to see what makes SU Carbs work.  Nick O’Donohoe once again gave a very informative talk and demonstration

Holiday Luncheon November 11, 2018

Photos by Nick O’Donohoe

The Spanish Tavern treated us to a great meal.  Good Company and Prizes rounded out the day

Fall Run October 20, 2018

Photos by Nick O’Donohoe

Super weather, interesting hikes, good food and great company made for an unforgettable day

Winery Run July 14, 2018

Photos by Nick O’Donohoe and Steve Trovato

A beautiful ride and good fun at the Clearview Winery

The club arrives at Clearview Winery

Winterfest Luncheon March 11, 2018

Photos by Nick O’Donohoe

The Bronstone House in Patterson NJ always delivers

Distributor  and Timing Tech Session with Guru Rob Medynski

February 11, 2018

Photos by Nick O’Donohoe

Rob believes that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. British Vacuum Unit reflects these values.


Fall Foliage Run-Bear Mountain

October 14, 2017

Photos by Janis Polastre

” The cars are swell but the people are great!  A good time was had by all”


TC Engine’s First Start

August 25, 2015

Photos by Nick O’Donohoe and Steve Trovato


Convertible Top Replacement Tech Session

Nick O’Donohoe Does His Magic on a MGA 1600 Deluxe Top

July 29, 2017

Photos by Allen Rosenberg, Bob Polastre, Steve Edelstein


Dr. Anthony J. Pfister

Memorial Spring Dust-off

April 30, 2017

Photos by Steve Edelstein, Jim Juhas, Jeanne Chin


Winterfest Luncheon

March 26, 2017


Automotive Restorations – Stratford CT

April 15, 2017

Photos by Steven Trovato, Jay Hirsch